case studies

Energy efficient planning with erío.

To reduce energy costs and to be in a position to take energy efficiency aspects into account for upcoming investments for expansion, the manufacturer of laser technology decided to take advantage of a government subsidised energy efficiency analysis—which enabled savings of around 30% to be realised.

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erío accelerates energy efficiency

Potential reductions in energy consumption and CO2 emissions were to be identified at enterprise rent-a-car on the basis of an assessment of a representative branch. Five measures could be developed that boasted an amortisation period of less than two years. enterprise rent-a-car intends to incorporate the results into its Sustainability Strategy and implement them across its network of branches.

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Landhotel Kiebitzort—Savings of 39%

erío assessed the Landhotel Kiebitzort for potential savings in energy consumption, costs and CO2 emissions. In doing so, special “energy efficiency” grants from the KfW (development bank) were called upon. erío identified seven significant energy saving measures representing a savings potential of 39%.

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