Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

erío provides microloans to support entrepreneurial activity and social engagement in developing countries.
Corporate Social Responsibility involves a company assuming responsibility for their actions in social, environmental and economic terms. From a corporate perspective, CSR simultaneously shows the company’s conviction that social and environmental engagement can sustainably contribute to the firm’s success. CSR promotes image, boosts customer satisfaction and enhances staff motivation. With measures that aim to raise energy efficiency, companies not only generate cost savings, they also shoulder environmental responsibility. As such, CSR strategies strengthen the competitiveness of your company.
erío is a member of kiva.org, a non-profit organisation providing microloans to people in around 70 countries across the globe. The small loans let individuals improve their lives in their own right, and that of their families. Supported by many volunteers and a dense network of micro-finance institutions, to date the project has made loans totalling almost half a billion dollars to more than a million borrowers.

Website of kiva.org