Case Study

Energy efficient planning with erío.

Project description

APE produces high quality laser technology for research. Rising energy costs and an inherent high level of energy consumption arising from production processes prompted company management to commission erío to produce a comprehensive energy efficiency concept. Furthermore, the company planned to invest in energy efficient technologies as part of an upcoming expansion programme. For the development of the concept, a special focus was to be placed on the aspects of the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems.

Measures & results

To boost energy efficiency in the areas of heating, lighting, water and IT technology, various scenarios were developed with diverse levels of investment and amortisation periods. A relatively inexpensive solution was favoured that allowed energy consumption to be reduced by around one third. This involved, among other things, demandoriented heating control, upgrading the lighting system and the introduction of a power management system to reduce power consumption in stand-by mode.

The main focus was placed on an energy efficient approach for the upcoming new investments. Here, the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems—which were previously working against one another in the production area—were optimally aligned with each other using complex technology for the effective measurement, control and regulation of the systems. Through the resulting dynamic and individual air-conditioning of production rooms, the overall energy consumption of the ventilation and air conditioning system could be reduced by around 30%.

Energy efficiency measures

  • Energy efficient and demand-oriented lighting
  • Demand-oriented heating controlI
  • Introduction of IT power management
  • Measurement, control and regulation technology for optimised control of HVAC systems


Overall, across all assessed areas, the following results could be achieved:

Energy saving: 95,000 kWh p.a.
Percentage saving: 30 %
CO2 reduction: 48. tonnes p.a.
ROI of the recommended measures: 0.8 years



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